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A Kula World Walkthrough

For the Post-Retro Game Fan

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Welcome to the one and only pictorial walkthrough for the first and best Playstation One puzzler! Also known as Roll Away and Kula Quest, this lovingly designed and crafted game has here been loving and craftily played in order that you, the veteran, may enjoy a trip down memory plane and you, the stuck, may find guidance in how to get on. Here you will find information, screenshots, flash animations and text illustrating game paths for 100% completion of all puzzles, including Bonus, Secret and Final levels.

Webmaster's Note, 1 October 2010:  many thanks to those of you who continue to visit this site and have written to me over the last year since its last, early 2009, update. The site has been updated to reflect the content you've been sending my way: whether that be a link to puzzle gaming initiatives, your own rollthroughs on YouTube or your game completion screenshots. Keep sending me stuff at webmaster at kulaworld dot net.

About Kula World

The Game - Now Complete!

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Coming Soon! FAQs, stats, quick links to gaming hints and Secret levels, 'The Final' Game Completion Shots (going beyond the first 150 levels 'Wall of Fame'). Bookmark the site and check back again!

Site and Wall of Fame Update!

Screenshots, written rollthroughs and hints are now available for levels 1 through 150, including commentary on all bonus and secret levels, PLUS! all levels in The Final. I have also updated pictures on the wall of fame and added links. Check back soon for more information about the game!

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