Congratulations! Wall of Fame!


When you finish your game you should see the credits come up with a movie of the above, or a different animation if you are playing Roll Away. Then you will be given a final opportunity to save your game points before being given access to The Final.

Ocean's O for Awesome Score

Ocean Mercier, from Aotearoa New Zealand, has posted the highest score so far, with 2623130 points. Her secret lies in gaining maximum points from letting the hourglasses run right down. Hence her completion of Kula World in a crawling 4 hours 25 minutes!

Mark from Germany

Mark, from Germany, sent in his completion screenshot recently (2010). He has claimed second highest score at 2596310 points. A great time too of 2 hours 4 minutes.

R. Agsten

R. T. Agsten, playing Roll Away, is now third highest scorer with 2579500 points, but maintains the distinction of fastest game completion, with a brisk 1 hour 44 minutes. Check out Agsten's speedy technique on his YouTube channel.

Aris Efraimidis

Aris Efraimidis is 4th highest scorer, with 2541425 points in Kula Quest. A bug means that Kula Quest doesn't count the time beyond 1 hour, hence the seemingly impossible time of 59:59!


Abu (aka Abufinzio) from Italy, playing on a PS emulator, managed 2528720 points in 2 hours and 21 minutes. Abu shares the distinction of getting 151 fruits with Ocean.

Kyle Greer UK

Kyle Greer (another 2010 submission for the wall) found levels 80-85 a challenge (check out the dip in the graph), but still posted a respectable score of 1456865 (and 6th highest here). Kyle, look forward to receiving screenshot for when you complete a third time!

Don't be shy! Send me your game completion shot and I'll post it here!

The Final



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