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There seems to be quite a following for this uber-kul' game. I am getting a steady stream (almost enough to justify a FAQ!) of emails from people who want to know if there was ever a PC version (there wasn't) and where they can get hold of the game (eBay's your best bet). There are some other great Kula World sites out there - the links are below.

As you'll gather, and hopefully appreciate, I'm quite precious about the hundreds of screenshots I've taken over the course of playing this game. For that reason the visual guides are in Shockwave Flash format, so you can't download them. Most of them I've saved in version 5, so even if you have an ancient pentium like mine you should be able to see them with that version of Flash you downloaded 3 years ago. Having said that, kbyte-lite versions of a select few jpegs are available in the gallery area. I'm also quite protective of my own writing, so if you want to copy any of the text here (as if you would), please do so with appropriate referencing.

As you'll probably know, the first part of the game has 150 arcade levels divided up into 10 different environments. The 15 regular levels in each environment are further subdivided into 3 sets of 5, and if you're playing on Sony Playstation, you can save after each set of 5. I have decided to divide my pages so that on each one you see 5 levels, the bonus level that goes with that set of 5, and any extra level you may be fortunate enough to discover. I suppose people may find it a bit misleading to call this a walkthrough, as the text I provide with each animation is intended as a guide, rather than a 1-2-3-do-this-do-that set of instructions. There are slight differences between the game in its Kula World and Roll Away forms. Kula World hourglasses are worth a maximum 990 points compared to Roll Away's 1190 points. Where I have noticed differences between games (and I have been playing both) I may supply comments to point these out.

Most of all, I hope that you enjoy these pages for what they are. I expect gamers who have played through the game to get the most benefit from it...as a nostalgic rollback to the good ol' days (and weren't they good, those ol' days!) of the Playstation explosion. And Johannes, if you're reading this, thankyou for such an amazing game, and how's about a Kula World 2, eh?

About the game

I remember hearing somewhere that the designer of this game, Johannes Söderqvist, (visit Pink Gothic's Kula Quest site for an interview with Johannes) came upon the concept in a dream. In 1996 his dream became hyper-reality when the concept was released for Game Design Sweden AB by Psygnosis as the PSOne game Kula World. It seems like every gamer, and especially the casual one, has heard of it, whether that be as Kula World, Roll Away, or Kula Quest, as it is known in different parts of the world. Now, we all know that the real gems are the rare ones, and it seems as though the game is quickly headed that way. I had to contact 4 video stores before I was able to locate a copy for hire. And sale copies of the game are now actually listed on Ebay as a "Rare Game".

The aim of the game is pretty basic - beachball must negotiate 3-dimensional mazes in a quest to find the key(s) that will allow our hero to exit. As with any "basic" game though, there's always more to it than meets the eye and, amongst other things, beachball must, in addition, deal with nasty obstacles, complete within a time limit and not get lost to boot. Seemingly unanimously rated in the 90% region by game reviewers, Kula World can't be considered as anything but a classic of the genre. And it's FUN, monjeu!

Going Bananas

Other Links

The beautiful Kula Quest site by the Pink Gothic - a must-visit.

The original Roll Away walkthrough by Syonyx. Very clear and detailed descriptions of solutions for each level.

Play a game called Frenzirynth online in Flash. A Kula World homage brought to you by Nonoche.

A Kula World inspired game by Nonoche, called Terminal Decay.

Chriddo from the Cubosphere Development Team have released a new game with Kula World sensibilities, at Cubosphere. You can find YouTube videos here Cubosphere Demo.


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